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A lot of people think that they don’t need a Vancouver personal trainer and that they can just go to the gym and work out on their own. However, there are many benefits to having a personal trainer, such as having someone to motivate you, help you with your form, and give you customized workout plans. If you’re looking to get in shape this year, a personal trainer can be a great asset. Here are 5 Vancouver personal trainer tips that will help you reach your fitness goals.

1. Set realistic goals

Don’t try to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks – it’s not healthy and you’re likely to give up. Set smaller, achievable goals that you can stick to. It’s extremely important to be realistic when setting goals. Setting realistic and attainable goals is required. By doing this, you increase the chances of achieving your goals and reaching your desired outcome. Additionally, setting realistic goals can help to keep you motivated and on track.

2. Find an activity that you enjoy

When it comes to working out, not everyone enjoys going to the gym and lifting weights. However, there are many other activities that can help you get in shape. Consider what you enjoy doing for fun. Do you like being indoors? Or maybe you enjoy circuit workouts or strength training. Whatever it is, there is probably an activity that can help you get in shape while still doing something you enjoy.
Consider your fitness goals. What are you hoping to accomplish by working out? If you want to lose weight, then you might want to consider activities that burn more calories. If you’re trying to build muscle, then lifting weights might be a better option for you.

3. Incorporate variety

When it comes to working out, incorporating variety is key. This means mixing up your routine, trying new exercises, and keeping your body guessing. This will not only help you avoid boredom, but it will also help you see results. After all, if your body is used to doing the same thing over and over again, it will become more efficient at it and you’ll hit a plateau. So mix things up and challenge yourself!
In order to maintain interest and commitment levels high, as well as see results, it is important to incorporate variety into your workout regimen with your personal trainer. This could involve mixing up the types of exercises you do, the order in which you do them, the amount of weight you lift, etc. Our bodies are very good at adapting to stimuli, so by constantly changing things up, we can continue to see results.

4. Understand the why behind the what

In order to be successful in any endeavor, it is important to understand the motivation behind the actions one takes. This is especially true when it comes to personal fitness goals. Achieving a high level of physical fitness requires not only making healthy choices in terms of diet and exercise but also maintaining a positive attitude and understanding why you are making these changes.
Working with a Vancouver personal trainer can help you to better understand the why behind the what when it comes to your fitness journey.

5. Stay accountable

In order to be successful in anything, it is important to understand the reasoning behind why you are doing something. This is especially true when it comes to working out and trying to get in shape. A personal trainer can help you not only figure out which exercises you need to be doing in order to achieve your fitness goals but can also explain the science behind why those exercises are effective.

Key takeaway

Following these Vancouver personal trainer tips will help you to achieve your fitness goals, whether you are looking to improve your overall health or train for a specific event. Staying hydrated, and listening to your body are key components to success. And remember, you can always reach out to us for your personal training needs.


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