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About Turnfit Personal Training

Turnfit Personal Trainers is founded by David Turnbull or “Coach David” – David is an experienced and successful Vancouver personal trainer who strives for a happier, healthier life every day. He is a gifted speaker and motivational coach that will inspire you to stay on track with your goals. He is committed to sharing his energy, enthusiasm for fitness and positive mindset to help his client’s achieve results they didn’t think were possible.

David's Story

TurnFit Personal Trainers are a boutique personal training company based in Vancouver, BC, in the heart of Kitsilano. The TurnFit Method has helped over 1,800 people reach their fitness goals through our online and in-person personal training programs. We invite you to experience The TurnFit Method and look forward to accelerating your fitness journey!

Your commitment to your health goals and your ability to achieve them is essential. This is how we can guarantee your results. If you are not holding your end of the commitment, we will not take your money just for the sake of taking your money. We also believe that if we do not do our job to your satisfaction, you can fire us at any time. This is why we have no packages! You pay only for what you use each month.

Our specialized personal trainers also factor in injury & rehab training and lifestyle habits that could hinder you from being your best self.

Exercise has amazing benefits, but if you are not eating healthy or getting enough sleep, you will not see or feel the results that you are striving for.

This is why we take a holistic approach to health and fitness, looking at all aspects of your life to help you achieve optimal health.

David Turnbull, owner of Turnfit Training accepting the 2019 Top Choice Award for Personal Trainer in Vancouver.

We pride ourselves on making a difference. It would be a little biased if we said we are the best. So we won’t say that. What we will say is that every single person who asks for help we are relentless until you get the help you deserve. We have over 250 written reviews that you can check. We realize that is an overwhelming amount of written reviews so we have some of our most recent success stories recorded on video below.


Let’s Make A Happier, Healthier You