Six Secrets To Losing Fat

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If you’re like most women, reaching your fitness goals can seem daunting. You know what a challenge it can be to lose fat and stay in shape – but don’t worry, help is here! You can start getting results quickly with the right strategies and some hard work. To make things easier for you, we’ve gathered six must-know secrets to guide you toward successful fat loss. Our experts have taken their nutrition and exercise science knowledge to create an actionable plan that will keep you motivated along the way. So if losing fat has been a struggle for you until now, get ready – because these tips will take your weight-loss goals where they need to go!

1. Get Enough Sleep – Aim for 7-8 hours to ensure your body has the time to recover and rest properly.

Are you ready to take your fitness routine to the next level? As a personal trainer and fitness coach, I strongly recommend you start by ensuring you get enough sleep every night. Sleep can help reset your metabolism, as well as boost muscle growth, reduce cravings, and improve mood. Aiming for seven to eight hours of quality sleep helps give your body time to recover and rest. Proper rest also helps decrease stress and increase your energy levels when working out. Get in tune with your body’s natural rhythms for optimal health and performance: make sure that 7-8 hours of quality shut-eye is part of your nightly routine!

2. Eat Clean Foods – Eating clean and nutritious foods is key when it comes to losing fat. Avoid processed foods and opt for fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, healthy fats, and whole grains instead.

As a personal trainer and fitness coach, I’m often asked how to reduce fat. The answer is simple: it all starts with eating clean. I know what you’re thinking – that sounds hard to do. But it doesn’t have to be! Make sure to trade processed foods for fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, healthy fats and whole grains. Eating clean is the key to helping you reach your fitness goals – so give it a go and see the results for yourself!

3. Increase Protein Intake – Protein is important for helping build lean muscle and burning fat

Having the right nutrition plan is essential if you want to get that lean and toned look. As a personal trainer in Vancouver I often tell my clients that their key to success lies in increasing their daily protein intake. Not only will an increased protein intake help build muscle, but it can also stimulate fat burning processes in the body. So, if you’re looking for a way to help reach your fitness goals, increase your protein intake – it’s an easy and effective way to help burn fat!

4. Resistance Training Workouts – Workouts that combine postural improvements and muscle strengthening help you increase your metabolism which will help you burn more calories in a shorter amount of time.

Looking to burn fat and reach your fitness goals? Incorporating resistance training workouts can be a great place to start. By working with a personal trainer in Vancouver, you can develop a program that combines postural improvements and muscle strengthening to increase your metabolism and give you results in less time. Resistance training workouts enable you to make more efficient use of the time you spend exercising, while also boosting your confidence as you see progress supercharged by the additional intensity of resistance exercises.

5. Increase Your Water Intake – Make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day to keep your metabolism running at its peak

As a Personal Trainer in Vancouver for over 5 years, I am proud to be able share one of the top secrets to help you lose fat and reach your fitness goals: increasing your water intake. Staying hydrated can make a world of difference when it comes to losing fat and engaging in successful, sustainable fitness routines. Properly hydrating yourself will keep your metabolism running at its peak and energize even the most strenuous of workouts. Don’t wait any longer to start reaping the rewards of proper hydration — grab a water bottle, infuse it with some fruit or herbs, and start building good habits today!

6. Keep Track of What You Eat – Tracking your diet helps you stay accountable for what you eat, so you can make necessary changes to reach your fat loss goals faster

As a personal trainer in Vancouver, I cannot stress how important it is to keep track of what you eat when trying to lose fat and reach your fitness goals. Tracking your diet will not only help you stay accountable, but can also bring about the necessary changes to help you achieve your desired results more quickly. It might seem like an additional and time-consuming task at first, but once the habit is instilled, it could help make all the difference and be worth the effort.



Losing fat can be a hard nut to crack, but by making use of the right strategies, it’s totally manageable. By following the six secrets listed – getting enough sleep, eating clean foods, increasing your protein intake, doing HIIT workouts, increasing your water intake and tracking what you eat – you’ll be much closer to achieving your fitness goals in less time. Remember to take small steps and focus on progress rather than perfection. Keep consistent and motivated by affirming this journey is much more than the weight loss number on the scale. Lastly, if you want to speed up your results consider booking an assessment call with us for personalized advice based on your goals and lifestyle.

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