Why Quick Fixes for Weight Loss are Putting Your Health at Risk

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The Dangers of Crash Dieting and Extreme Measures, According to Recent Studies on Popular Diets like Keto and Intermittent Fasting

The average adult will try this shocking number of diets in their lifetime. Astonishingly, the average adult will try out an estimated 126 different diets at some point in their lifetime.



The weight loss industry is currently valued at an astronomical $70 billion as of 2018. This industry is fueled by the staggering number of individuals, approximately 45 million, who attempt to follow a new diet regimen each year.

According to recent research, the weight loss industry has reached a staggering value of approximately $70 billion, owing to the increasing trend of people trying out new diets. These findings come from a survey conducted by One Poll in partnership with Love Fresh Berries. The survey further highlights the three primary reasons responsible for the spur of fad diets, including the desire to achieve a better physical appearance (24%), preparing for food-intensive vacations (21%), and getting ready for significant events (18%). Nonetheless, a lack of clarity about the long-term sustainability of such diets has deterred 52% of the 2,000 participants from continuing with a single regime, thereby raising questions about the effectiveness and viability of such programs in the long run.

Many individuals need help finding reliable nutrition guidelines, with 20% admitting having no clue where to turn for information. The confusion around diet science can be attributed to the inconsistent nature of nutrition standards, particularly regarding fad diets. This ambiguity is partly due to the strategic commercial tactics of name-brand companies. The Journal of Public Policy and Marketing has identified four primary methods to capitalize on trendy diets, such as emphasizing “low fat” to create the illusion of healthfulness. Unfortunately, these tactics can mislead individuals into making unhealthy choices, such as believing that consuming fewer fruits is healthier. It’s essential for consumers to be aware of these advertising ploys and seek out trustworthy sources for nutrition advice.

Numerous diets that promise to deliver impressive results have become the latest trends in the market. However, for them to work effectively, adopting them with a long-term perspective is essential. A recent study indicates that nearly 50% of individuals seeking weight loss solutions typically search for crash diets on Google. Meanwhile, 27% consult healthcare professionals, while 15% rely on self-help books and social media recommendations. The remaining few follow whatever their favourite celebrity is doing. Irrespective of the discovery method, most dropped their diet plan after six days. According to the study, the most popular diets are the low-carb/high-fat Keto diet followed by intermittent fasting, regardless of the discovery method. It is worth noting that, despite the popularity of these diets, most people abandon their diet plans after just six days.

Unfortunately, obsession with shedding excess weight has led some people to adopt dangerous and extreme measures. Shockingly, a recent survey revealed that 16% of respondents were willing to consume a dozen glasses of lemon juice every day to hasten their weight loss. Even more worryingly, a few individuals indicated they would resort to tapeworms or exist on baby food in their quest for a slimmer physique. These behaviours are not only distressing but also potentially life-threatening. It is crucial to shift away from a pass-or-fail mindset regarding physical appearance and focus instead on a holistic approach to health and wellness.

There were a plethora of reasons why individuals abandoned their diets. In some instances, the initial side effects associated with emergency diets, such as fatigue, weakness, and headaches, proved to be insurmountable for some (21%, 29%, and 26%, respectively). On the other hand, specific individuals found it immensely difficult to give up some of their favourite foods. The top three culprits were chocolate, bread, and pasta. The allure of these dishes proved too strong for some, leading them to abandon their diets altogether. This suggests that dieting requires steadfastness and discipline that not everyone can muster.

With the new year often comes a surge of people seeking out quick fixes for weight loss, commonly in fad diets. However, it is widely known within the nutrition community that such diets are not sustainable or healthy solutions for long-term wellness. The chairman of Love Fresh Berries, Nick Marston, advises individuals to follow evidence-based nutritional guidance to construct a well-balanced diet that does not exclude any food groups. Prioritizing the consumption of fruits and vegetables, particularly nutrient-rich berries, is crucial for maintaining optimal health. Beyond sheer willpower and self-control, goals beyond superficial appearance have increased adherence to dietary regimens and provide greater self-forgiveness when deviations occur. It is suggested that individuals make a comprehensive plan, consider potential roadblocks, and accept that slip-ups are a normal part of the journey toward achieving lifestyle goals.

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  5. Holistic Approach to Health: At TurnFit, we don’t just focus on weight loss; we prioritize holistic health and wellness. Our trainers educate clients on the importance of prioritizing the consumption of fruits and vegetables and making well-rounded meal choices, providing a healthy lifestyle that incorporates all necessary components.

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  • 1. The study mentioned in the content was conducted by OnePoll with a sample size of 2,000 individuals. The study found that 48% of individuals searched for crash diets on Google, 27% consulted healthcare professionals, 15% relied on self-help books and social media recommendations, and the rest followed their favourite celebrity:
  • The dangers of extreme measures for weight loss, such as consuming tapeworms or baby food, were highlighted in an article by Healthline. The article mentions that consuming tapeworms can cause infections, diarrhea, and even death. Similarly, living on a baby food diet can lead to nutrient deficiencies:
  • The Love Fresh Berries website provides evidence-based nutritional guidance and emphasizes the importance of a balanced diet. The website suggests consuming at least 5 portions of fruits and vegetables, including nutrient-packed berries, every day. It also recommends incorporating a variety of food groups, including whole grains and lean protein, for optimal health:

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