How to do a Half Foam Roller Dead Bug Leg Lift

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How to Perform a Half Foam Roller Dead Bug Leg Lift with TurnFit Personal Trainers and Guest Kennedy Hindley

If you are not ready to do a dead bug on a full foam roller, this exercise can be a good stepping stone.

1. Position yourself on a half foam roller so that your head and lower back are supported. Tilt your pelvis backwards so that your lower back gently touches the foam roller (if and how much you tilt will depend on the individual ).
2. Lift your arms until they are at a right angle with the floor with your hands over your shoulders.
3. Hold this position while breathing in slowly through your nose so that your lower abdomen moves out while your chest remains still. Maintain a neutral spine.
4. Keeping your lower back in contact with the foam roller, breath in and then exhale as you raise one bent leg off the floor until the knee is pointing towards the ceiling.
5. Breath in as you slowly return your foot to the floor.
6. Exhale as you raise the other leg.
7. Repeat this alternating movement, ensuring that your lower back stays in contact with the foam roller (unless this causes any pain, in which case always seek advice from a professional).

NOTE: Make sure that both arms are in contact with the floor throughout; if this is still too challenging, perform a dead bug version without foam roller. Perform based on prescribed amount.

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