How to do a Deadbug Arm and Leg Reach

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How to perform a Deadbug Arm and Leg Reach with TurnFit Personal Trainers and guest Kennedy Hindley

This version of the deadbug is challenging as while maintaining your spine alignment and not allowing your back or rib cage to lift, you are moving both your arms and legs. This offers improved anterior core stability and helps correct anterior pelvic tilt which will improve your functional movement. Start with simple deadbug exercises and move up to this one as you gain control of your core.

1. Lie face up with arms fully extended above us in line with your shoulders. Bring our legs to tabletop position, knees bent and lower legs parallel to the floor. Lift your head off the ground so you are looking at your feet.
2. Breathe into your lower abdomen to stabilize your lumbar spine.
3. Brace your core and reach your left arm up and behind head while your right leg straightens but doesn’t touch the floor. Do not allow your rib cage to lift as you move your leg. Maintain contact of your back to the ground.
4. Return to starting position and repeat on the other side to complete one rep.
5. Repeat alternating legs.

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