Guidelines for posting content in our online community:

Please avoid Any blaming statements or statements that point the finger at another. Instead we would ask that you let us know your personal experience.

When posting or commenting we ask you check these three questions:

If a friend of mine posted this to me, would I receive it positively
Is my intention, to share my authentic experience in hopes of connecting and/or supporting others on their journey
Have I written from the “I” position

If you have answered yes to the above – we ask that you set a positive intention to the group each time you post. Our example of a positive intention might be “I hope that in some way this can help in the growth and expansion of all members”.

If you have any doubt about what you are considering posting either don’t post it at all or come up with something else you feel 100% comfortable with or message it to either of us to review.

What to do if something that is posted offends or upsets you and you find yourself having a strong reaction.

We ask that you don’t post anything hastily or in the moment but wait 24 hours. Then if you can tell the group your experience of what was posted using your “I” position language. If that is not possible please private message us with your thoughts as they are. We will aim to help you through this situation and our hope is that we can strengthen, grow and learn together.

The reality is – We may all inadvertently say or post something that might offend – if we can come from a spirit of “compassion” and remember that we are all here to support and help each other.

We value your input and feedback and we will ask for monthly reviews on the content and experience. This feedback is extremely important to us for the future success of the group. At any time during the month you feel the need to bring something to our attention please feel free we are here to support you in any way we can.

Any guidelines or suggestions given in this group are not meant to take the place of professional recommendations of designated professionals.

To create group cohesion and trust will take time. This is a safe space to experiment putting your thoughts and feelings and yourself out to others. We strongly encourage regular, equal participation from all members.

We are honored to be a part of this group and excited about sharing, growing and learning together.

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