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Dr. Kody Speaking About Knee Pains When Should You Seek Care And Who To See!

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Dr. Kody is speaking about knee pains and when should you go and seek care and who to see!

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Dr. Kody Au is the owner and Chiropractor at Baseline Health and Wellness Inc. His background as a Nurse coupled with a Masters in Sports and Exercise gives him a different perspective with helping his clients.

His philosophy towards care is that every injury is a combination of muscle, joint and compensation problems that need to be addressed with his clients. Through education and specific treatment towards muscles and joints and 1 on 1 exercises, he is able to help his clients return to their goals and back to the activities!

For more information and how to reach out to Dr. Kody. You can email him at or schedule an appointment with him online at ! Don’t forget to check out his blogs that are updated regularly at


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