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Time to have some FUN and stay on track with your goals during one of the busiest times of the year …. and just for joining us you can win some EPIC prizes in the process! Woohoo!

This challenge consists of 12 days of quick workouts that pack a punch and will get your heart rate up in less than 20 minutes!

The best part is … you don’t need any special equipment so you can do these even from anywhere.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving because you’ll feel SO GOOD about completing this challenge as we enter the New Year!

You’ll have more energy, sleep better, move better, AND you won’t have to make up for any lost ground in your fitness routine.

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Here’s how it works: every day, starting with Day 1, complete 1 workout.

After you warm-up, you’ll “ladder” the 2 exercises for that day, going back and forth between them, adding reps each round.

What it looks like: Do 1 repetition of the 1st exercise, then 1 repetition of the 2nd exercise, then 2 reps of the 1st exercise and 2 reps of 2nd, and repeat until you get through 12 reps of each.

Keep moving as much as possible, but listen to your body and take breaks between rounds as needed.

When you’re done, cool down to gradually return your heart rate back to normal.

Sound good!? AWESOME!!


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