Next Steps:

Step 1:

Create your profile in our app by clicking here.  This is where we will communicate further.  We will learn more about you and your goals to optimize the time spent on our assessment call.

Note: Nothing will be charged to your card. When you click buy to sign up to our app it will ask you for credit card info. It has a value of $0.50 as it would not let us put $0.  We have created a promo code that is auto-applied to make it $0. If we end up working together, we will confirm with a liability form for the payment method, which is collected at the end of each month. We do not have packages. You only pay for what you use. Without signing our liability form, we do not collect payments.


Step 2:

Join our community page now for instant support! We have over 2000 like-minded individuals in our community page, all helping to create a happier & healthier you!

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Step 3:

I will reach out to you after I have read the form you just filled out and set up a time for us to meet over zoom.