Perfect Posture

In this program you will learn how to move your body efficiently through exercises to enhance your everyday life. If you want to rehabilitate an injury or just wanting to have optimal posture to dominate your daily movements, then this plan is for you. With this program you will turn those weak / lazy muscles back on and turn your body into a fat burning machine. We will educate you from the feet to the top of the head on the most effective ways to move and engage your true core strength. We know because we have helped thousands of people from all over the world love the way they look and feel – and radiate strength and confidence from the inside out. Most of our clients have said from this program they can actually feel their glute (Booty) engage when they walk and stop having lower back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain.

  • $30 health and wellness assessment ($150 Value)
  • Unlimited Turnfit Facebook Community support
  • Nutrition Macro set up
  • 7 days / week programming and weekly/monthly calendar set up for success (Workouts, Meditations, Diet, Cardio, the works…)
  • In app progress tracking (weight, heart rate, blood pressure, body fat %, steps, before and after pics, calorie intake and exercise compliance)
  • Notifications and support for new programs and resources
  • Access to free classes online through turnfit community page and via the app
  • 4 week challenge
  • Our programs make sure you understand the basics, are using the right techniques and correct postures
  • 50% discounts for additional one-on-one coaching calls (Normally valued at $150!)
  • Dedicated weekly mindful practice and meditation sessions

**Bonus: Earn TurnFit Cash credits for every referral that signs, to be used towards your membership! Inquire for further details

For the very best success we recommend 2-3 live video coaching calls per week. We took a poll and found a trend with clients who rapidly get the quickest results:

  • 2 calls per week = Great Success
  • 3 calls per week = Amazing Success
  • 4-5 calls per week = Unbelievable Success

In our assessment video call we can figure out a custom plan that works for you.

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