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We believe that personal training should be simple, predictable and help you take your control back. Our programs are designed to help you feel strong and empowered so you can gain confidence and control back into your life.

Before accepting new clients, it is important for us to determine your level of commitment to your health goals and your ability to achieve them. This is how we can guarantee your results.

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Our certified personal trainers help you through the process of defining your goals, creating happy and healthy lifestyle habits that are sustainable for life, offering mental support and more.

Why People Love The TurnFit Method

"With The TurnFit Method I have eliminated my past excuses and achieved my optimal health."

"Not enough time – busy life kept getting in the way of my fitness goals. I now saved time and money with optimal, efficient & effective workouts, designed for me and my schedule."

"Bad past experiences – I have been on a training plan before where I didn’t feel heard or guided appropriately. TurnFit gets me and is here to help me become the best version of myself."

"Don’t know where to start – Spinning your wheels doing exercise programs and classes but still not getting the results I was looking for. TurnFit designed around my specific body type and goals to accelerate my progress."

"Feeling stuck – Tried many programs/diets and nothing seemed to work. With TurnFit I drop the struggle that working out is tough. It’s easy and I can predict my results now."

"Dreading the next diet – I was tired of yo yo diets and the latest trends. The TurnFit Method is to create metabolism revving programs that are specific to your body type."

"Avoiding pictures – I was sick of editing all my photos or finding the right angles that made me look the way I want to look. TurnFit’s our body type specific program enhanced what I already had, and helped me regain my confidence."

"Negative self-talk – I was stuck in my own head, tearing myself down with unfair negative thoughts. TurnFit helped me shift my mindset to a positive sustainable outlook to create a happier and healthier me."

"Feeling Overwhelmed – I could not decide between all the wonder diets and miracles workouts out there. TurnFit gets me!! They take the stress out of it by creating a sustainable health program that I love!"

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The TurnFit Method

TurnFit Personal Trainers are a boutique personal training company based in Vancouver BC in the heart of Kitsilano. The TurnFit Method has helped over 1,800 people worldwide reach their fitness goals, through our online and in-person personal training programs. We invite you to experience The TurnFit Method and look forward to accelerating your fitness journey!