Basic Online Training Package


  • $30 health and wellness assessment ($150 Value)
  • Unlimited Turnfit Facebook Community support
  • Nutrition Macro set up and coaching ($75 add on. Video Assessment Call Needed)
  • 7 days / week programming and weekly/monthly calendar set up for success (Workouts, Meditations, Diet, Cardio, the works…)
  • Full Postural Assessment ($75 add on. Video Assessment Call Needed)
  • In app progress tracking (weight, heart rate, blood pressure, body fat %, steps, before and after pics, calorie intake and exercise compliance)
  • Access to free weekly classes online through turnfit community page and via the app
  • 25% discounts for one-on-one coaching calls (Normally valued at $150!)

For the very best success we recommend 2-3 live video coaching calls per week. We took a poll and found a trend with clients who rapidly get the quickest results:

  • 2 calls per week = Great Success
  • 3 calls per week = Amazing Success
  • 4-5 calls per week = Unbelievable Success

In our assessment video call we can figure out a custom plan that works for you.

online personal training

ALL FOR $9.95/month


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