Your coach will begin by conducting a thorough nutrition assessment, which includes asking you about:

Current / Past Medical History /Family History

Occupation And Lifestyle

Current Medications / Nutrition Supplements

Food Allergies / Dietary Requirements

Usual Physical Activity Level

Usual Food Intake

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After Your Nutrition Assessment

After your nutrition coach has conducted their nutrition assessment, they will provide you with feedback on your current nutritional status and areas for improvement. These will be related to your specific health goals and your nutrition coach  will provide you with some education to help you understand the role diet plays in certain health conditions.

Once you and your nutrition coach  have discussed what changes need to be made to improve your diet and health, together you will set actions to help make these changes. Breaking large goals into smaller actions helps you stay on track and provides you with a sense of achievement when these actions are accomplished. 

The pace you work at with your coach is up to you but generally it’s best to take a ‘slow and steady’ approach to dietary change, as this avoids you becoming overwhelmed by trying to do everything at once.

There’s no such thing as impossible.

Everyone wants something different – maybe you want to become toned, stronger, leaner, or faster. At TurnFit we help make that happen, backed by the latest science and industry-leading standards.

Trainers are limited to how many clients they can see per day. This ensures their energy reserves are at full capacity to make your goals happen.

We won’t upsell you extra training sessions or treat you like a number. We do what the best trainers do – help you reach your peak and regenerate so you can always be your best self.

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1 Session = $125

6 Session = $120/Session

12 Sessions = $110/Session

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