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How To Speed Up Fat Loss With Resistance Training and Acupuncture

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Feeling like you’ve tried every diet and workout out there with no success? The TurnFit Method is a unique approach to weight loss that combines acupuncture and resistance training. This combination has been shown to speed up fat loss while preserving muscle mass. With the TurnFit Method, you can finally achieve the body you’ve always wanted – without starving yourself or spending hours in the gym. Plus, our approach is tailored specifically for your individual needs, so you can be sure to see results quickly.


David Turnbull
Hey, Kevin. So I know that you do acupuncture, and you help many clients with fat loss. Can you explain how you do that in the acupuncture world?

Okay, so using acupuncture, you’ve already achieved weight loss. It’s not just an overnight process. I take some time and some patients. So the needles can help calm the whole nervous system down, helping the patient, in this case, to gain some energy and to help promote that circulation. So once that circulation gets flowing, the metabolism speeds up already, even going back to their regular rate, right? So yeah, everything is pushing, in that case, so the body knows what to keep and what to, you know, take out? So that’s how we kind of approach the weight loss procedure. Oh,

David Turnbull
that’s very interesting. Yeah, I believe that. Yeah, helping improve circulation and everything. And I’ve done acupuncture before. And I am nervous about needles too, but acupuncture doesn’t feel the same. And it’s not as scary and intimidating. So anybody that’s listening, you probably heard needles, and maybe we’re about to end this video, but can you help people with needle phobia?

Needle phobia? Yes. I’ve seen a lot of that. A lot of my first-time patients they like, does it hurt? Am I going to feel like, you know, something? Or am I going to bleed after? So what happens is the needles are very thin. They’re like, kind of like the hair thing. So usually, I would put it somewhere with more muscles in the beginning. So they get to understand. Oh, okay, now the needle goes in. I don’t feel much. So now I can proceed to the next steps. Right? You would sometimes see some drop of blood. And that’s normal. Because sometimes you when you take the needle out, you’ll see, but that says like a very, very tiny little bit of it. So it’s not going to affect the person’s general. Overall. Well, being so, yeah, they should rest assured.

David Turnbull
Awesome. Yeah. And I mean, the same thing, I don’t recall drops of blood when we did it, but there could have been, but it’s so it’s, it’s not even. I mean, I wouldn’t describe it as painful. I think it’s just different. So and I know that anything is other in life. That’s outside of our comfort zone; it can be scary. And I realized that, but I’m glad that, like all your clients, you kind of warm them up, build some trust, and explain the process. And I find that how you utilize it to improve circulation rebalance the body’s energy. And it also helps all our clients a lot. And I like that it also reduces inflammation and stops water retention so that you don’t feel like it.

Yeah, so when it’s like, think of it as a pipe. So in a pipe, if there’s nothing clock in there, the water goes through smoothly. But once you know, sometimes, after a few after a long time, it gets clogged up. And then so the water doesn’t go as smooth. So this is when you kind of like, push it out, and make that smooth again. So it’s the same concept with acupuncture. Nice. Yeah, like

David Turnbull
that. That’s good. Anything else? You can tell anybody watching this that they’re like, Yeah, I want to, I want to lose fat. And I want to do it fast. Anything else? With acupuncture? Yeah, or any tips that they can do?

Okay, well, acupuncture is not just the needling. We also do the cupping. So what cupping does is also speed up the circulation and improve the circulation around that area. So usually, we would cop around like the belly. So well, if it runs faster, right? So all the digestion becomes better. Yeah.

David Turnbull
I like that. That’s awesome. So yeah, anybody thinking about speeding up their fat loss journey, I’d say, hey, at least give Kevin a try. See, see what it’s all about. I know it can speed up the process. Because I mean, similar to what we do, we increase circulation through movement. Yeah. And we all know that exercise can help everything. And sometimes, it takes multiple modalities to speed things up. Right? I mean, through resistance training, we’re also aiming to speed up the metabolome Some by building up the muscle fibres and the more muscle fibres in the body, it takes up more energy, more energy expenditure means you’re increasing the number of calories that you can burn in a day just resting. I think the synergy between both modalities can help vary significantly because we’re doing similar goals. Ours isn’t circulation; ours is reducing stress; yours is doing the same thing.

Yeah. So once more with like, movement, right? And the other one is more like, you know, started kind of like calming down a little bit, but still at the same time, achieving the same goal, right? Yeah, exactly. So, yeah.

David Turnbull
I think that anybody that wants to experience maybe whether you experienced training, resistance training with yourself if you haven’t yet, try it out. If you haven’t done acupuncture, try it out and ask us questions. Because I mean, we’re the experts here to answer the questions. There are no silly questions. Sometimes the internet’s a scary place when you Google things. So if you want somebody you can trust, ask either of us. And worst case scenario, if we didn’t have an answer, we would look up a study and find. Now that’s quite rare; we have to do that with our knowledge base, but we won’t make stuff up.

Right? Exactly.

David Turnbull
Yeah, I think that’s, that’s helpful. Anybody that wants to get in contact with us sends us a message. And we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. And Kevin and I are just looking at putting together programs to work with each other. So the more information you share with either of us, the better that Kevin and I can work together and help you achieve that goal in the most time-effective way possible.

Contact us today and learn how the TurnFit Method can help you lose weight fast!


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