Fat Loss With A Personal Trainer

Motivated to lose weight?

Our personal trainers are up-to-date with the latest health and fitness information. TurnFit’s personal trainers can help you start a new chapter in your personal fitness journey, and keep you accountable. We want our clients to succeed, and reach their goals.

We will work with you one-on-one to create a program that fits your schedule, and customized for your lifestyle.

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Overcome Your Fitness Obstacles

David Turnbull (CEO) designed the TurnFit Method, having personally struggled with weight throughout their teens and early twenties. Their personal experience in creating and implementing the TurnFit Method for themselves has helped them tailor fitness plan’s for a diverse range of clients for over 15 years.

We have tried, and analyzed, every new trend, diet, exercise regiment, and miracle cure.

The TurnFit Method addresses common obstacles that individuals face in their weight loss journey, such as time constraints, negative self-talk, and challenging past experiences.

Fitness for Modern Life

We understand that a busy lifestyle can make it difficult to find time for exercise. We tackle this by offering efficient and effective workouts designed to fit into any schedule. We offer flexible training options, including online training, which allows clients to workout from anywhere at times that are most convenient for them.

Train anywhere, anytime.

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Fitness starts with mindset

Negative self-talk can be a significant barrier to achieving fitness goals. TurnFit addresses this by fostering a positive and supportive environment. Their trainers help clients shift their mindset to a more positive and sustainable outlook. The focus is on celebrating small victories and progress, rather than fixating on perceived shortcomings.

This approach helps clients build confidence and maintain motivation throughout their fitness journey.

We provide free resources for everyone to begin their fitness journey.

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Fitness for lifelong benefits

We go beyond temporary solutions. We focus on building sustainable health habits that you can maintain in the long-term. This includes educating clients on nutrition and lifestyle changes that support their weight loss goals.

Our personal trainers work closely with clients to develop realistic goals and strategies that fit their lifestyle, ensuring that the changes they make are practical and sustainable.

Make sustainable choices in your personal fitness journey.

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Fitness Builds Trust & Compassion

We provide a comprehensive support system including regular check-ins and motivational support. We help you stay accountable and receive the encouragement you need to persist with your fitness plan.

Clients gain access to our private Facebook group for additional support, where you can interact with personal trainers and fellow program members, share experiences, and be a part of our community.

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Why Choose TurnFit?

Invest In Your Fitness

Transform your body and feel better about yourself than you have in years. Lose weight quickier and easier than ever before.

Achieve Your Goals

Achieve your fitness goals and see amazing results with the guidance and support of our personal trainers.

Guaranteed Results

If you follow our exact plan you will see results, or your money back. If our custom plan doesnt work we will refund your money.

Invest In Your Future Today

TurnFit’s holistic approach to health and fitness ensures that clients receive comprehensive support, not just in terms of physical fitness, but also in developing healthy lifestyle habits and improving their mental well-being. This makes TurnFit an excellent choice for those seeking a well-rounded fitness program that addresses all aspects of health

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Client Testimonials

I loved that they showed me some pointers if I'm doing something wrong. I'm very proud that they take up the time to demonstrate the workouts. Definitely a recommended place.

Henry Nguyen

David makes each workout different, challenging and enjoyable. I have always been impressed by davids knowledge and commitment to his clients. I highly recommend David to anyone looking to achieve any type of fitness goals!

Jenna Millsap

I couldn't recommend TurnFit highly enough. I was so impressed with David's extremely knowledgable background as well as his friendly approach. He really makes you feel motivated and ensures the right workouts are created for you. His app just helps keep you on target with friendly reminders and actions. The community he has established online is also so motivating if your someone like me that needs a nudge! Thanks David!

Hope Aylen

I’ve been seeing Aditi, and more recently, Marijana for the last four months. I’ve had an excellent experience and have seen great results in strength, conditioning and aesthetics.

Dominique Kwiek

Thank you, David! It was a great experience having Megan as my trainer! To my surprise, the result of my twelve sessions was more than I expected. I'm glad that I tried turnfit and it allowed me to change my lifestyle in much better way! I'm in the best shape in my life 🙂

Yuko Oitogi