Emotional Managements Series – Containment vs Discharge

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I see a connection between Emotional Management and Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence is run by the right side of the brain – this is the side of the brain that rejuvenates us and is connected to the parasympathetic nervous system – we can access this side through meditation – some of the tools we learnt in the last series will really help us managing our emotions.

Containment vs Discharge

Learn how to contain your emotional responses to offer more personal freedom and choice. Containment is the ability to hold an emotion for yourself without it “spilling” over to others. The opposite of expansion is contraction. Expansion is the ability to make space in your body to be with a feeling (good or bad) and puts you into a Parasympathetic state (present and in control). A contraction is a sympathetic response (fear based). A contraction causes discharge (inappropriate or out of control moving, laughing, crying etc).

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