Fitness is important, but it's hard to know where to start or how to stay motivated

Most people give up on their fitness goals within the first few months. They don’t see results quickly enough, they get bored with the routine, or they simply lose motivation.

The TurnFit Method is a unique personal training program that helps you achieve your fitness goals in a fraction of the time. We use scientifically proven methods and elite-level coaching to help you get in the best mental and physical shape of your life.

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The TurnFit Method Guarantees results.

Our elite personal training is a step above our regular personal training. Our elite trainers are more experienced and better qualified to help you reach your advanced fitness goals. We also have access to better resources and equipment, which can give you an edge in your workouts. In addition, our elite training is all one-on-one, so you can get the individualized attention you need to succeed. If you’re serious about getting in shape, elite personal training is the way to go. But, do your homework and keep up with the work you need to do as prescribed by your trainer!

Elite Personal Training

If you want to go the next level, and become all that you can, then the Elite Training Program is for you. If you want a general fitness program, use our personal training program.

The Elite program helps you:

  • No packages! only pay for the sessions you have used at the end of each month. We do this for two reasons: 1: So that we live up to every promise we make and stay at the top of our game all the time or you can walk away at anytime without feeling trapped. 2. So that you you live up to your promises and stay accountable to your goals or we will part ways if we feel you are not mentally ready to fully commit to yourself.
  • Scheduled homework on days you do not train with us. This can be done anywhere. We add full workouts into your calendar with how to videos to improve and master your form when not with us.
  • Constant communication and access to the team via our app.
  • Ease of use, cross-platform, track and measure.
  • We train you as if you are going to be a personal trainer so you have all the tools needed to feel empowered and leave us whenever you choose.
  • Vancouvers best referral network to help you in any other areas you need support on.
  • Improve mood, Instant connection, never alone, true personal connection.
elite personal training

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Real Trainers

Fully supported coaching via phone calls, emails and direct messaging on the app with your trainers.

Amazing Content

Includes: Workouts, metabolism boosting plans tailored to your specific body type and your goals, stress reduction techniques & more.

Award-Winning Training

Accountability and homework on non-live training days.


Private Facebook group with live sessions with your trainer, Q&As, and encouragement from other program members.

Award Winning

A great mix of in-person training plus guided homework

A Personal Trainer By Your Side

Our personal trainers work by your side anywhere, anytime.

Body Type Specific

Everyone's unique, so that's why the app includes specific bod type training programs with videos.


Body type specific nutrition programs are integrated.

Weekly Check-ins

We check to make sure you're doing the work - that's right; we'll provide motivational support to keep you moving.

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