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success story of Andrew

Meet Andrew:
At the end of October 2016, I met Andrew he told me he used to exercise and play sports regularly and that his diet had usually consisted of clean healthy food. He said that despite his exercise history and attraction to a healthy lifestyle, that somewhere along his journey through being an awesome dad and managing all the things that come with having two amazing kids, his exercise and eating routines began to change and altogether became something he left on the back burner for when he had time; something that can easily happen when you are busy and exhausted from raising a family.

I won’t say much more because truly Andrew was the one that gathered the courage to come and see me at Turnfit. So I will step aside and let him tell you what happened for him.


“I had recently turned 40, had a terrible diet, lower back pain, and generally felt tired when trying to play with his two young kids. I decided that it was time to get myself together both for myself and also my family.

I began working with Ben Gustafson Personal Trainer/Health Coach at Turnfit twice a week for one on one personal training sessions.

Ben has been an invaluable resource throughout this process. His coaching style is straightforward and encouraging. There is always an open communication between us and he has done a great job of keeping the workouts difficult but not to the point of injury. He finds my max effort and keeps it right there.

In terms of nutrition, Ben has offered lots of great suggestions both in terms of meal planning, protein/nutritional supplements and batch cooking to help me reach my goals. In about 10 weeks I have gone from 254 pounds to just over 232 pounds.

Whether you are looking to get ripped, shed weight, or just increase your fitness level, Ben is someone that I would highly recommend. I’m looking forward to working with him in 2017 to continue down this path.”

Andrew has worked hard to get these amazing results and is still 40 years old and still a very busy father of two wonderful high energy kids. All it took was the realization that putting his health and general self care first, would allow him to take care of and enjoy his family more in a new happier and energetic way.

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