Your Muscle Quality / Body Fat test will help pinpoint muscle imbalances.

In your 45 minute appointment we will calculate your muscle quality and body fat.  We do this by placing our machine the size of an average smartphone on 24 points on your body for upto 30 seconds at a time.  At the end of this test we will provide you a report and findings that you can keep. If you come in for future appointments we have your history saved and can graph your improvements on each muscle.    


We will explain why the muscle is strong, weak or unbalanced and go over what a healthy body fat would be for you based on your goals.  If we see areas to improve on we will show you a couple of corrective exercises that you can do on your own or with us. 

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Muscle Quality & Body Fat Test

What is Muscle Quality

Muscle Quality is a rating of your muscles’ fitness. A high Muscle Quality score means a lean, strong, and fit muscle. Basically it is the force a muscle produces relative to its size.  


Muscle Quality tells you when your muscles are getting leaner, well before your mirror does. By measuring individual muscles, you can optimize your training based on a detailed, accurate, up-to-date score for each of 24 locations.

There’s no such thing as impossible.

Everyone wants something different – maybe you want to become toned, stronger, leaner, or faster. At TurnFit we help make that happen, backed by the latest science and industry-leading standards.

Trainers are limited to how many clients they can see per day. This ensures their energy reserves are at full capacity to make your goals happen.

We won’t upsell you extra training sessions or treat you like a number. We do what the best trainers do – help you reach your peak and regenerate so you can always be your best self.

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