TuneIn To TurnFit | Episode 5 | Self Development, Reflection, Cleanse, Smart Sweets…

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Today in TuneIn To TurnFit Episode 5 we talk about Self Development, Reflection, Cleanse, Smart Sweets and more. Tune in to find out.

We also have special guest Deidre Sirianni who has an amazing course that she just came out with. Click The Link To Learn More Below: https://davidturnbull.krtra.com/r/a/9MYdDsQ3adUR9Dl

Deidre Sirianni is a friend of mine and is someone who has made it her
life’s work to help to help people like you to not just know what their
purpose is, but to powerfully step into it and live it.

The truth is, many people know what their purpose is, and yet they don’t
necessarily have the right tools, support, and community to help them fulfill it.
And naturally when we don’t have the right people supporting us, we can
get in our own way.

I know it’s definitely happened to me which is why it’s important to do the work.
And when we don’t show up fully for our life and purpose, it’s unfulfilled potential.

I don’t know about you, but that is the kind of stuff that keeps me up at

Is not living in my full potential which is why I want to introduce you to
Deidre Sirianni.

She is a TEDx & International Speaker, Accelerated Evolution Guide,
Activator of Truth and coach.

Her mission is to support as many people as she can in her life to wake up
to the truth of who they are and who they are meant to be.

Click The Link To Learn More Below: https://davidturnbull.krtra.com/r/a/9MYdDsQ3adUR9Dl

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