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Brush up on Body Alignment With These 6 Tips!

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Sometimes, it’s easy to forget why we exercise. Of course, you know it’s good for you, and obviously there are plenty of physiological and psychological benefits to boot. But one thing that is often forgotten about is the most basic of all- exercise helps us to move! It moves your blood, greases up those creaky joints, circulates our breath, and ultimately keeps us active and mobile as we age. Whilst all physical activity is beneficial, there are better ways to move. Understanding and maintaining the correct body alignment can also build our focus and awareness, and helps us to stay calm and grounded throughout the day!

What Is the Correct Body Alignment?

From the moment we are born we learn how to move. First, we sit up. Then crawl, and once we’re up and on our feet it’s almost impossible to stop us again. As a child, your body is naturally aligned and your bones more flexible. BUT, as we age every injury, niggling pain and misstep causes us to overcorrect, and can actually move us further and further away from a normal, natural posture.

Have you ever been to a specialist citing back pain, to have them tell you it’s coming from your legs? Maybe your hip goes out every now and again, your knees give you grief, or an old sporting injury is limiting what you can do. Realigning your body, and reminding it that there is a way to move naturally, can take away all of those aches and pains, and help you reach your other health and wellness goals, faster!

You Can Talk the Talk, but Can You Walk the Walk?

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Reforming and correcting your body alignment is a process. It starts by first admitting that there are ‘better’ ways for your body to move. Once you have discovered this, it’s a matter of showing (training) your body how to move in a pain-free and more beneficial way. The human body is incredible and adaptable, once you show it a better path it will gravitate towards it until it becomes a normal part of your physical self.

You can start by asking yourself this- do I walk properly? It may seem ridiculous, you’ve been walking since you could stand on two feet, how could it possibly be wrong? Again- you have been walking your whole life, but an imbalance can lead to compromise, and before you know it the simple act of walking can be taking you further from the correct body alignment. Check out this article from our friends at Baseline Health for more.

Needless to say, getting the basics right can make a huge difference to your joints and mobility. It can also help you to step up your training, improve your results and reach your fitness goals faster.

6 Simple Ways to Realign Your Body

Retraining your body into the correct shapes doesn’t have to be dull. There are plenty of ways to improve your body alignment while exercising, giving you the benefits of both. So, other than walking, let’s take a look at some simple ways to improve and correct your alignment:

1. Warm-up and Warm down

Most of us know the importance of warming up. It’s crucial to any form of exercise and can keep you moving longer. However, the warm down is just as important and is often disregarded at the end of a workout. The slow cooling down after exercise can help to regulate blood flow, but more importantly, it reduces muscle tension which may pull you out of the correct body alignment.

2. Build a Strong Foundation (core)

Your core is the powerhouse of the body. It relates to your entire midsection, from your glutes to your hips, abs to the lower back. Without a strong foundation (core) to move from, your body is more likely to overcompensate with a particular muscle group. This can lead to a tilted pelvis, tight hamstrings, poor upper body posture and more. So, train your core muscle groups, and especially your booty, to help realign your posture.

3. Wear the Right Shoes

Good posture and alignment begin with your feet. Not only are they our contact point with the ground, but they can also impact every other joint or muscle in the body. Creating and maintaining a healthy posture, therefore, begins with the feet and ankles. Properly fitted shoes lay a solid foundation for your posture and the alignment of the spine. They can also reduce ankle, knee and hip pain, and align your body for exercise.

4. Yoga

One of the best ways to improve your body alignment, whilst also building your mental awareness and resilience is yoga. It can help to improve your flexibility, train muscle groups and strength without force, and improve on your core strength and stability- all of which are crucial to realigning your body. Yoga and other meditative practices can also help you to build your awareness and pay attention to your body. This mind/body connection can help you to identify when and where your pains are from and take corrective actions in the moment.

5. Go Slow

Realigning your posture isn’t something that will happen overnight. Like all good things, it will take time. After all, you’re trying to re-train years of bad habits or compromises.

Similar to yoga, other practices that focus on awareness, and the slow movement of muscles and joints can also be beneficial. Low impact activities like Tai Chi can help you to improve your balance points and focus. They can also help to build strength and stability in your core, and realign your spine.

6. Train With a Qualified Personal Trainer

Recently, research has proven that training with a qualified personal trainer will improve your health and fitness results. However, the benefits go much deeper than this, as a qualified personal trainer:

  • Can teach and/or correct your form and posture while exercising
  • Will explain which muscles are active and which are at rest in a certain movement. This can help to build your mind/muscle connections, and determine if you are compensating with the incorrect muscle group.
  • Can help you to implement small changes each week, which will lead to drastic corrections of your body alignment and posture over time.

At Turnfit, our team of qualified personal trainers have the knowledge and expertise to help correct your posture and realign your body. In normal circumstances, our team is on hand to show you in person how to implement the small postural changes required. However we have also developed our own health and wellness app to help improve your alignment from the comfort of your home, and with regular video coaching calls, we can help you to correct your form before it becomes a bad habit.

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Training your booty can improve your core, strength, and flexibility

Build Your Booty and Boost Your Health!

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The booty is in! And yes, if you want to be on the front page of magazines it’s going to take a long time to build it. But even basic exercises that build your booty can improve your posture and range of motion. Did you know they can also increase your flexibility and energy levels, and quite literally putting the spring back in your step? Training your booty can improve your core, strength, and flexibility

Today we’re going to look at the muscles that make up the coveted booty, why they’re so important to our physical wellbeing, and how you can use these simple techniques to keep your booty engaged throughout the day- not just in the gym!

Is the Booty Really All It’s Cracked up to Be?

Booty, bottom, bum. It doesn’t matter how you refer to it, the fact is that the booty comprises one of the largest muscle groups in your body. Learning the proper techniques to strengthen and build these muscles are the key to increasing your power, improving your posture and giving you the dynamic strength it requires to keep moving all day long.

Breaking Down the Booty

Your backside is actually comprised of 3 separate muscles, with a few tendons and ligaments thrown in for good measure. We have the gluteus:

  1.      Maximus- this is the largest muscle in the body, and controls our thigh extensions (like when rising from a squat/sitting position), or generating the power and drive we use to run. 
  2.      Medius- controls the movements of the hips and external rotators, as well as the movement of your upper leg, like being able to lift your legs out to the side of your body (abduction).
  3.      Minimus- this is the internal rotator of the hip, which along with the medius helps in lifting your legs away from your body, but also controls the inward rotation of your hips.

When it comes to building that peach-shaped butt, however, you need to take into account the supporting muscle groups too! That means to really accelerate your results (and to do it safely) you need to actively engage the quads, hamstrings, core, and stabilizers. You also need to perform movements that support a full range of motion- that’s why building a bouncy butt is so good for you in the first place!

When you train these large muscle groups properly, the body releases positive endorphins. This can help to regulate fatigue and give you more bounce in your step every day! At the same time, they can help to facilitate improved rest and rates of recovery– two vital components in maintaining physical homeostasis. The flow-on effects from these improved states of being can also make it easier to manage:

  • Stress
  • Weight
  • Motivation

Convinced it’s a good move to get moving?

Correct form is more important for your booty than heavy weights

Correct form is more important for your booty than heavy weights

Give Your Butt a Boost With These 5 Exercises!

Before we get into the exercises themselves, let’s take a moment to really emphasize a few parts:

1. Building your booty takes time. Because of this, it is very easy for people to quickly increase the resistance level and try to shortcut their way there. You need to remember that to really build your backside you need to also strengthen the muscle groups around it. Namely your quads, hamstrings, lower back, core, and adductors.

Change exercises and repetitions often to keep things fresh. Otherwise you’ll slow your results and potentially increase the risk of strain and injury.
So step one, go SLOW, and use the correct form.

2. A simple way to increase the resistance level, rather than with weights, is to use a booty band. Trust us when we say they really do work!

3. Once you have the movements and posture correct, you’ll begin to notice other ways to engage these muscles throughout your day.
You can train your booty almost every time you walk outside!

If you take the time to learn the correct technique, you will learn how to engage these muscles all day long! 

Not only will you feel better, but you’ll also find opportunities to perform the same movements throughout your day. Whether it’s something simple like standing or sitting or converting your new butt-lifting power into better choices- like taking the stairs instead of the escalator- you can revel in the fact that you’re doing your body a huge favor! 

Now that you understand the importance of these muscles and using the correct technique, let’s dive into 5 simple exercises so that you can build a boss booty!

1.     Squats/ box squat


2.     Hip thrusts


3.     Walking Lunges (with or without dumbells)


4.     Step-Ups


5.     Leg lifts/clams



If you’re looking for something more challenging, or simply wanting to change up the movements you can do at home, try adding bands into the mix! As a bonus, we’ve included a few bonus exercises for you to try.

Banded Kneeling Squat

Banded hip hinge

Squat lateral Leg Slide

Ready to commit to your health? Contact us now for your free consultation, and train from the comfort of your own home with our online courses! Take me there!

Banded Pull Through

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How to perform a Banded Pull Through TurnFit Personal Trainers & Kennedy Hindley with Kinstrength Performance + Rehab This exercise is a simple Hip Hinge …

Banded Hip Hinge

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How to perform a Banded Hip Hinge with a Dowel . TurnFit Personal Trainers & Kennedy Hindley with Kinstrength Performance + Rehab This exercise is a …

How to do a Glute Bridge Pallof Press

By | Blog, Core, Glutes

How to Perform a Glute Bridge Pallof Press with TurnFit Personal Trainers and Guest Kennedy Hindley

This is a great combination exercise that engages your core, especially your obliques, and your glutes. Another excellent ab and booty exercise.

1. Assume a supine position and attach a handle to a cable stack at chest height.
2. Bridge your hips to an extended position, hold the handle to your chest and allow the knees to remain bent with the feet flat.
3. Press the handle vertically to extension as you exhale.
4. Return to the starting position as you inhale.
5. Repeat, maintaining the glute bridge the entire time.
6. Do the same on the other side.

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How to do Supine Posterior Pelvic Tilt With Band

By | Blog, Core, Glutes

How to perform Supine Posterior Pelvic Tilt With Band with TurnFit Personal Trainers and guest Kennedy Hindley

Part of a good core stabilization program, this exercise helps improve your posture. If you sit a lot, this will help you realign your pelvis to stop slouching when you both sit and stand.

1. Lie on your back on a flat surface with your knees bent and your head supported. Put a band around your ankles.
2. Lift your bent legs until your knees are in line with your hips.
3. Pull your feet apart to engage your glutes.
4. Breathe in slowly through your nose so that your stomach rises, not your chest.
5. Pull your pelvis back so your knees move toward your chest, just a few inches. You should feel your lower abdominal wall engage.
6. Slowly go back to neutral.
7. Repeat.

NOTE: Keep your back flat on the ground. There will be a tendency to arch the back as you lift your legs. Let your abdominal do the work, rather than your back.

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