Patti Bishop

Patti Bishop

My name is Patti Bishop and I am the owner of Your Best Age. I was inspired to start my career in fitness by my mom. She was my fitness role model; a Physical Education teacher, our softball coach who encouraged me to join any sport that I wanted. My mom also took us hiking all over the Kootenay’s – we hiked, picked huckleberries and swam when we could.

My grandparents, however, are the reason I love to work with aging adults. Coming from a small town in the West Kootenay’s, we lived really close to our Grandparents. I loved them fiercely and they were like second parents to me and my sisters. When we were sick and had to leave school early, grandpa was always there to pick us up and take care of us.

Even though we lived in quite an active part of B.C., my Grandma never exercised; even living a few blocks away from the grocery store, she had my Grandpa drive her. She didn’t like to exercise but she LOVED to garden and grew the most beautiful flowers and strawberries.

When Grandpa passed away, Grandma remained on her own. When I was visiting her on one of my trips home, she fell going up the stairs. After a few more falls, she moved to an independent living home. Then, a few years later, she had a stroke. This was the start of her long, slow decline. The stroke coupled with her weak body, made it hard for her to recover. During this time, I vowed that I would NEVER let this happen to one of my clients and would do everything I could to help keep them strong, healthy and pain free.

My Grandma passed away a few years ago and I was honored to be at her side. I loved her so much and I miss her every day. I own this business as an homage to Bob and Mary; my Grandpa and Grandma – two of the greatest loves of my life.

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